Reasons You Should Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling

Now that you have moved into your place. All seemed perfect except for the feared popcorn ceilings. This is textured ceiling, which was previously a trend, that’s already outdated now. If you do not know what to do with it, we will give you a few reasons why you might want to get rid of it and change it into something more aesthetic. 

To make better lighting 

Popcorn ceilings are problematic since they can greatly affect the room’s lighting due to their bumpy surface. Because of this, the light reflects it that leaves harsh shadows in a room. If you want to make a relaxed space in your room, it would be less likely to have it with the popcorn ceiling. Thus, you might want to get rid of it. 

To eliminate the asbestos threat 

Asbestos is more likely a safety hazard. However, you don’t need to get rid of it just because of that. It is stated in the EPA that once you have an intact ceiling, then you are not in any risk of taking in the asbestos. Hence, the ceiling must be kept as it is. You must remove popcorn ceiling all over your house once the ceiling’s interior has been exposed or there’s major damage on the ceiling.  

To prevent discoloration 

One of the issues of this type of ceiling us that they tend to discolor from time to time, which causes to ding the room’s feel and looks. Of course, we all want to make our rooms inviting and clean as possible. However, a popcorn ceiling can make it seem dirty. Once you become tired of this type of look, it might be best if you get rid of it and change it with something that matches with your room concept.   

To prevent the ceiling to catch dust 

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home could be challenging alone. You can keep on cleaning and it would still feel like you can never achieve the cleanliness that you ever wanted. Having a popcorn ceiling could be more annoying since it catches dirt and dust in your home.  

Similar to dusting your furniture and having it polished, you need to take a brush or broom to dust your ceilings as well. It is a task that consumes time and quite a hassle. If you are starting to be bothered by this, you can decide to remove the ceiling instead.  

If ever you have wanted any assistance in terms of popcorn ceiling removal Reno, it is best if you seek professional help from the experts. At times, anything could lead to an even more serious problem once it is not properly installed, fixed, or removed. Our professional drywall contractors will be pleased to help you with any projects. You can also contact us for a free consultation and check out our other drywall services by checking out our site. Rest assured that our dedicated representatives will be responding to your inquiry as soon as we can.  

Signs of a Faulty Oven

Owning your own house has a lot of advantages. However, it also comes with a lot of appliances that will require replacement or repair eventually over time. The oven is one of the most basic appliances in your house. It is a vital component that enables you to enjoy delicious meals.  


That is why you have to maintain it to make sure you can keep on getting delicious meals.  

To help you, here are several signs of a faulty oven. If you find one, don’t hesitate to call a professional Charlotte oven repair service. 

Door Not Properly Shutting 

Luckily, this type of oven issue is easy to recognize and it is also easy to repair. Typically, if an oven door is not closing properly, it might be because of a missing or broken hinge. You can contact a professional repairman to have them inspect your oven door. They’ll be able to repair the issue as soon as possible. 

Food Is Always Raw or Cold 

You certainly need to contact a professional repairman if your food is regularly coming out of your oven raw or cold. Your oven may have a broken component in its heating system whenever it isn’t heating your food. A professional repairman will be needed to fix its heating system unless you’ve got knowledge and experience with fixing the components in your oven.  

Food is Always Burnt 

The problem could be the thermostat if your food is always coming out burnt. However, there are other components to consider. It is required to contact a professional repairman to inspect your oven even if your meals seem to be coming out burnt only several times. With this, you can easily avoid a possible fire.  

It is Emitting Bad Odors 

Your oven should emit delicious smells every time you cook. However, if your oven is emitting weird smells that you’ve never smelled before, you should contact a professional repairman. This is certainly a red flag. The reason why your oven is doing this is maybe because of a gas leak or a warped wire that could catch fire. It is crucial that you contact an expert repairman, whatever the case is. They will be able to look at the issue and repair it as soon as possible. If you neglect this, you will be at risk of a much bigger issue. If you smell something that isn’t familiar, you should immediately turn off your oven and call a professional.  

Making Strange Noises 

An effective oven shouldn’t make any noise in general. Typically, it is a sign that something is wrong with your oven if you begin hearing weird scratching, buzzing, whirling, or ticking. The usual culprits for this are faulty component or loose part. You will have to turn off your oven and contact a repairman if you hear weird noises. The worst-case scenario if you neglect this issue is that the faulty component can catch fire and can put your home in danger. Immediately call a professional to avoid such issues.